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We ask that when visiting the park you enjoy it whilst thinking of the enjoyment of others by showing consideration – whether towards your fellow park users (including school children and other groups) or those people that live in the neighbourhood. To help everyone to enjoy sharing the park please:

• Be respectful of how you park your vehicle on nearby streets (especially park safely so people can cross Scriven Road and gain access to the park in clear view). 

• Keep your dog under close control at all times.

• Take your litter home. 

• Pick up your dog’s poo in the park and on pavements and deposit it in the dog poo bins situated at the front of the park.

• Please do not bring any plants, trees or shrubs to plant in the park (including the pond) as this can spread disease and affect native species.

• Please do not let your dog swim in the large fenced off community wildlife pond. 

• As a friend of the park it would be great to see you at volunteer events, or you can just keep in touch with park life by contacting us through the website.

• We would appreciate you reporting any antisocial behaviour in the park to the police on 101.

• It is against the law to let any type of dog to be dangerously out of control in any location, including Jacob Smith Park. A dog is considered to be dangerously out of control if it: 1)injures someone 2) makes someone worried that it might injure them 3)it attacks someone’s animal 4) the owner of an animal thinks they could be injured if they tried to stop a dog attacking their animal. The police is the most appropriate enforcing authority for this and you should contact them on 101 or in an emergency 999.


Located off Scriven Road, HG5 9EJ, there is limited on-street parking available on the surrounding streets. Please, be respectful of how you park your vehicle.


Open All Hours

The Park is open all year round and has a network of mown grass pathways and steep slopes which can become muddy. During fine weather, the paths are largely accessible. Disabled visitors may need assistance.


If you need to contact Harrogate Borough Council (which manages the park) in normal office working hours, please call 01423 500600.
HBC out of working hours. 01423 556 300

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Download our information guides to plan your visit.

Nature Trail & Polite Pond Notice & Nature Notes

Nature Trail

Funded by HBC, and produced in partnership with Meadowside School, the Jacob Smith Park nature trail combines with Key Stage 2 and 3 to provide an educational resource for all the primary schools in the area.

Download PDF

Polite Pond Notice

Please read our Pond Notice.

Download PDF

Nature Notes

Download the 4-page PDF to see the full version.

Download PDF


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